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April 07 2020


We launch a new section on our website of the bars with the highest number of Radikal Darts boards worldwide: "TOP PLACES"



This new section is an interactive map in which the most prominent RadikalDarts Bars in the world appear. You just have to "zoom" in an area to find the biggest locations in the area and in each of them you can see their profile, details, address and photos just in case you want to visit them in any occasion.

There are 4 categories of premises in which the selection criteria prevails by number of machines according to this table:


  • PLATINUM: 15 or more machines.

  • GOLDEN: From 10 to 14 machines.

  • SILVER: From 6 to 9 machines.

  • BRONZE: 5 machines.

At least you need to have 5 dartboards on the premises to enter this particular "Hall of Fame" of RadikalDarts machines in the world.

See you at the bars!


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