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July 23 2018

The Best Darts Club

A new challenge for this summer! Exclusive for your club - play for your club and become the best of 2018.


You can find the ranking level break downs and game formats in the attached PDF rules sheet. 

Phase 1 (Virtual) - Ends Aug 31st 2018

  • This phase is played as a singles ranking, but the club is classified, not the player, each one represents the club in which he/she has played, he/she doesn’t represent themself.
  • The best 4 clubs (positions) of each level qualify for the next phase (total 64 clubs).
  • One club can only be qualified once, so if several players of a club qualify, then we choose the next club in the 5th position (starting at level 1) to qualify, until complete the 64 clubs.
  • A player who plays games at more than one club - will represent the club where he/she plays the most games. Unless the player requests by writing to represent another club. 

Club Phase - Sept 2nd-Sept 30th 2018

  •  Played as a team Ranking with handicap.
  • All players of the club that played in the phase 1 can play here (for example some clubs will have 20 players, some clubs just one player).
  • Minimum 4 players per team, so if a club only has 1 player played during phase 1, they can choose 3 more players from their club to be added to the team for this Club phase.
  • The best 8 teams (from the 64 clubs) will play the online final.

Online Final - Oct 27th 2018

  •  Double Elimination Best of 5
  • Cricket Stacked
  • 4 Player Team - the club and the players who play for them will choose the 4 players to play the final

  • The Best Darts Club - Poster

  • The Best Darts Club - Rules Sheet

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