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September 18 2017

International Team Kers League


To Start - Oct 5th 2017

End - Feb 1st 2018

Second Chance Ranking - Feb 3rd thru Feb 8th 2018

Online Finals  -  Feb 17th - Feb 25th (If Asia or USA players make the final it could also play 3rd or 4th of March)

· If a bracket has players from the USA Start times will be 12PM EST or later.

Not sure what a Virtual League is? You can find an explanation sheet here: What is a Virtual League

Register via the shop here: Team Kers Registration

Main League Information


The League


-          Enter the league menu.

-          Select VD – TEAM GXX (XX is your group number).

-          Press START and follow the instructions.


-          Minimum of 5 games and maximum of 20 games, plus 5 kers free games, plus the kers games accumulated in previous matches.

KERS GAMES: A player who plays the maximum games in a match will also earn 5 additional free games (called Kers). Players can use their Kers for free games in that match or save them to use in another match later in the league. You can accumulate your Kers and use them anytime you wish, but you must also play the maximum games in the match you wish to use them.

-          Average of your 3 best games will be used each match.

-          Teams of minimum 4 up to 7 players.

-          Teams will be ranked by several criteria: MPR, PPD, historical average or achievements.

-          Groups with no ranking will be for players without Radikal average.

-          Players from different league groups cannot play together, games can only be closed by players in the same group.


-          Odd matches: Play Cricket 200 with 15 rounds limit (except master level standard cricket).

-          Even matches: Play 501 open in /master out full bull 50/50 with 15 rounds limit & last opportunity (except master level split bull 25/50)


-          ONLINE FINAL: 1st, 2nd & 3rd team from each group will qualify for the online final (in the master group also the teams who earn more than 140 points during the league).

-          SECOND CHANCE: The rest of the teams who have completed the league, will qualify for the 2nd chance championship.


-          No matches can be postponed in a virtual league, they can only be played earlier.

-          A team can advance up to 2 matches during the league, no longer than 30 days earlier.


-          It is allowed to sign a new player as a substitute, as long as the new team rating is not higher than the worst team in the group ahead of you.

-          No substitutes can be signed at the last 2 matches of the league.

-          Any substitute must have PPD or MPR rating.

-          It is allowed to sign a new player for the 2nd chance or the finals, as long as he hasn’t played in other team or in the finals.


-          Each match there is a total of 16 points. Players will earn 1 point each game overcoming the ranking of the other player. Maximum 4 points per player.

-          The end result will only be valid when the match is finished and the games have been validated.

-          To earn the point the player has to play the minimum games with no cheat (games done with cheat, will not earn any point).

-          In case of a tie of averages in a match (best 3 games) the system looks at game 4, then 5, then 6 etc. until someone is better.


-          1st- Most number of matches won.

-          2nd- Most points adding the points in the particular match.

-          3rd- Team with the best league ranking player.


-          A match against a “bye” it is not required to play it. The points for that match will be awarded once the match is finished and the games have been validated.


-          A team is considered “no show” at the match when any player of the team hasn’t played the minimum number of games for that match. When a player plays 5 games, the team is considered present at the match.


-          If a team does not play 2 matches during the league will be disqualified, and will be set to a 16-0 score.

-          If your match shows your opponent has been disqualified from the league, the team does not need to play games for that match, points will be awarded accordingly after the match is closed. Not playing your games against a disqualified team will not count against you as a missed match. You can still play your games to earn your free kers for the match.

o   EXCEPTION: If the team is disqualified during the last 2 matches of the league, the results of the previous matches will stay the same and the teams remaining at the league have to play those two last matches to earn points.

The 2nd Chance:

The 2nd chance virtual championship is for the teams that hasn’t been qualified for the online finals, and have played all the matches of the leagues. Each player will have as many free games at the 2nd chance, such as points obtained during the league.


-          Enter the championships menu.

-          Select VD – TEAM GXX (XX is your group number).


-          Groups of 6 teams ranked by the highest between MPR*8.25 or PPD.

-          501 open in/master out full bull 50/50 with 15 rounds limit & last chance (except master group split bull 25/50).

-          Average of the team 2 best games will be used each match.

-          The winner of each group will qualify for the online final.

Online Final:


-          Enter the tournaments menu.

-          Select VD – LevelX (X is your group number).

-          Press START


-          Level 1:

-          Face to face.

-          All matches best of 5 games, Team 501 OI/MO, split bull 25/50 with 15 round limit.

-          The draw of the tournament will be by seeding as per the total points obtained by the team during the league (in case of equal league points the seeding will be by league position or the team playing at the higher league group).

-          The team at the top of the match will start the first game, the rest of the games the start will alternate.

-          Other Levels:

-          With handicap.

-          All matches best of 5 games, Team 501 OI/MO, full bull 50/50 with 15 round limit.

-          The higher rating team starts in the first game, the rest of the games the start will alternate.

-          The game format is:

o   Game 1: (p4p1 vs p4p1)

o   Game 2: (p2p3 vs p2p3)

o   Game 3: (p1p2 vs p1p2)

o   Game 4: (p3p4 vs p3p4)

o   Game 5: (p3p1 vs p3p1)

-          No more than 2 players per machine.

-          Each final is a double KO bracket of 16 players.

-          Players are ranked by MPR.

-          Players with no rating (picture average), cannot play the online final.

Players are not allowed to play other tournaments at the same time.

-          Radikal Points (R.P.): Points obtained during the league.

-          The maximum prize is the total of league points x the Radikal Points + the minimum prize.



Points for “La Carrera” obtained during the online finals

(only for Radikal Darts Member players with 5 games minimum in 10 or more matches):

Additionally every Radikal Darts Member player that has played the minimum of 5 games in 10 or more matches, will receive an extra of 150 points.



·         If a team don’t play the last match of the league, his Radikal Points will be divided by 2.

·         Playing in place of another player is considered as cheat, if the shot was a success.

·         To touch the board with the hand or another object except the dart thrown, is considered as cheat.

·         Any game with cheat will be invalidated, and If a player do cheats several times, it will be disqualified from the competition.

·         To step on top or ahead of the throw line, is considered cheat.

·         Players using false or wrong identification will be invalidated and not eligible for prizes.

·         Virtual Darts reserves the right at any time to modify the rules of any competition on the calendar if needed to ensure the integrity of the competitions.


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