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July 20 2012

Who organzes your competitions?

Find out who is the promoter of your competitions!

Find out who is responsable for the organisation of your competitions.


At the Tab "Promoter" of every  competition ("competition --> my competitions"), you can chack who is the promoter of the actual competitions you are participating.


We would like to remind you that RadikalDarts is NOT the organizer of all the competitions. This website is a platform  where all the operators can create and manage their own leagues, tournaments and competitions.

The promoter is responsable for his created competitions. His main duties include the organisation, validation of videos and according of the prizes. We want  to make sure our players know the exact functions of the promoter in order to avoid possible further problems, as well as to be able to answer your questions.

If there are no details dates and logo available, its because the operator has disabled them for some reason. 

However, you can get more information about the organizer on your dartmachine.

At the competitions menu, you can find the operators logo if it wasn't disabled by him. You can also log in on one of your competitions and, at the top of the screen, you will see the name and contact of the operator in charge. 






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