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November 23 2016


The new customizable products are coming!! Are you ready to try them?

With the new Radikal Darts customizable products your games will never be the same again. Playing on Radikal Darts machines has never been so fun. Get Radikal Points and start enjoying!!


Backgrounds: Super cool, static or dyanamic backgrounds to cutomize you Radikal Darts screen the way you most like.

GoodShots: You will enjoy your best shots more than ever, 45,48,51,54,57,60, Bull and Double Bull, choose the theme and estart having fun.

Feats: What would you like to be? A boxer, a Karateka, a fearless Princes? With Radikal's new feats you choose how to beat your opponent. Fun is garanteed.

Darts: Now you can decide which darts would you like to play on your Radikal screen too. The fastest, light or explosive darts, you have 6 to choose. Which one will you stay with?

All products will be available on your machine from December 15th at the Radikal Darts Shop.

Products can be displayed on all machines that show the QR code in the lower left corner.

Choose your items and get a better experience playing darts! Get fun, beat your opponents and enjoy more than ever playing at your Radikal Darts machine!!

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