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July 01 2015

La Carrera "The Race" 2015-16

La Carrera “The Race”

Players will also earn points for each International finals event they place in. The top 64 players in points will be eligible to play the end of season online finals tournament called La Carrera “The Race” where 2 players will win a gold Radikal Darts championship ring and be crowned Radikal World Champion along with cash prizes!

Online Finals from these International events can earn La Carrera “The Race” Points


There are 6 qualifying events to earn points from the list above. In each of the online finals of those events players earn points based on the charts below. The top 64 players in points at the end of all 6 events will play the Top One Finals.

Points chart for online finals of: Super Marathon and Super Laberinto. 

Points chart for online finals of: Virtual Doubles League and Virtual Teams League. 

Points chart for online finals  of:  Virtual Singles 501 and Crk League. 

All players who play the minimum games (5) in at least 10 weeks or more of the Virtual Leagues will also receive an additional 150 points regardless of making the online finals or not. Also players that finish the Singles Crk Kers league and the Singles 501 Kers League will receive an extra 100 points per league.

Top One Online Final

  • The 64 Final players are listed in order by PPD or MPR*8.25 to determine Level 1 and 2.
  • Level 1 – 16 Players
    • 501 DI/DO, 25/50 Bull, 15 Rounds
    • Best of 5
    • Game 1 is random start, after that it will alternate
  • Level 2 – 64 Players
    • Cricket 200 with Handicap, 15 rounds
    • Best of 3
    • Highest rated player to start game 1, after that it will alternate










General Rules

  • Players must have an active $12 yearly subscription to participate. You can register at
    • *Note* $12 yearly subscription includes 1 player card per year
  • Patented Remote Referee System will be used to validate matches for all sub rankings
  • Players using false or wrong identification will be invalidated and not eligible for prizes
  • Virtual Darts and or Radikal United States reserves the right at any time to modify the rules of any competition on the calendar if the need arises to ensure the integrity of the competitions
  • USA Players winning prizes will be required to fill out financial forms prior to receiving payouts
  • Players under the age of 18 are ineligible to claim prizes

Questions about this or any event on the new Radikal USA Sportive Calendar can be sent to

  • Points Standings

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