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February 16 2015

Joining Together for the Next Era of Electronic Darts!

Gaelco Darts USA and the American Darters Association


With the expansion of the Radikal Darts system in the USA our main objective at Gaelco Darts USA, a newly formed US company managed by US personnel, is to increase dart sales and promotions both stateside and globally using the Radikal Darts world system.

It is for this reason that a partnership with the American Darts Association, (ADA) was created. Their goals for the sport of Darts are totally on board with our goals here in America.

The ADA’s longstanding commitment to the sport of darts and innovative management team lead by V. P. Karl Remick, have incorporated the unique technology features of the Radikal System into each of their customized and patented ADA soft tip league and tournament programs. ADA online leagues, ADA online tournaments and ADA rankings are offered with the Radikal Darts world system.  The ADA’s Neutralizer® is user friendly and installed in all Radikal Dart Boards.

A few other unique and innovative features of the Radikal Dart boards are its patented remote referee system and patented laser throw line. The remote referee system will help detect and correct 100% cheating/sandbagging making online competitions the perfect step in the right direction. The patented laser toe line is projected from the machine to the floor and is a welcome feature to all darters and locations.

I could not be more excited with this new partnership between the recently formed "Gaelco Darts USA" and the "American Darters Association", says Daniel Larson of the US Gaelco Darts Company; “I feel this partnership will be the most explosive in the U.S. as our future together progresses. Moving forward the capabilities under this partnership with a single darting association and a manufacturer will be phenomenal for Players, ADA Representatives, Locations, and Operators alike. Between the existing ADA darts program and our USA & International Sportive programs, players will have unmatched opportunities. Our partnership brings players from around the world together with online leagues running paperless, with ranking events, and with tournaments! Competitions are already being played between localities, cities, states as well as the world abroad. With the patented remote referee system and the patented laser toe line now in place this has proven to be the next era of darts for all ONLINE competitive play and the opportunities of bringing darters together around the world are endless.

So get your soft tip darts ready, become an ADA  member and join in the fun! Request Radikal soft tip machines in your local pubs to increase competition and get on board with one of the many ADA league programs available, it’s that easy!

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By Daniel Larson

Gaelco Darts USA


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