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February 12 2015

Radikal Darts Separates from Shelti, Forming Gaelco Darts USA



Rockford, IL - 2/12/2015 - Gaelco Darts, the maker of Radikal Darts; online dart game system, has ended its five- year business relationship with Shelti to form GAELCO DARTS USA, a new company. Being independent, Gaelco is now offering attractive pricing on the Radikal Touch, the most technically advanced, dart machine in the world. Radikal Dart machines are popular in bars and other amusement venues.

"We are grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Shelti, but we felt it was time to become our own company," said [ Ruben Funosas - Gaelco Darts SL Managing Director] "We are the choice of league , tournament and casual dart players all over the world- so players and operators should be aware. There is another choice in the world of soft tip darts".

With competitive pricing, Gaelco wants to provide operators with an incentive to try Radikal Darts,to see that they're a great choice for them when making their dart purchases for the year. Radikal Darts is an electronic dart machine with cameras, laser and sensors that allow remote monitoring and recording of the game as well as the players,during league and or tournament play. Radikal Darts sends all video and data in real time to a central server using a proprietary Remote Refereeing system. Radikal also has a league software system approved and used by the NDA and ADA.

For demonstrations or information on sales, please contact Dan Larsen at [ Ext: 104]

For sales information contact Todd Martin at [ Ext: 102]

For technical assistance contact Adam Lipinski at [ Ext: 101]

For service and league/tournament assistance contact Ed McCammack [ Ext: 103]

Gaelco Darts USA

1111 18th Ave.

Rockford IL, 61104

Toll Free - 1-844-RAD-USA1 (723-8721)

Direct - 815-414-5558

Sales Inquiries - ussales@radikaldarts.com

Technical Support - usoperatorsupport@radikaldarts.com


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