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May 01 2014

Radikal Darts International Championships Thursday Recap


The Teams of regions event was played early in the day. This 4 person team event was played for bragging rights as the best regional team! Team USA was cruising through the winners side until meeting the German team WeserEms and lost the match 4-2. Team USA battled back through the losers side beating Huelva Spain 4-3, Valladolid Spain 4-1, and Barcelona 4-2. The win over Barcelona put them back in the finals agains the Germans (WeserEms). It was a great hard fought match but the Germans came out on top 4-1. For the first time any USA players have participated in the Radikal International Championships it was a great showing!

Team USA - Andy McMaster, Colin Rath, Darin Young, Jeremiah Millar

Final Bracket 

Final Standings 


The singles events took place the rest of the day. Colin Rath and Andy McMaster played Level 2 which held 251 players! Colin finished top 32 while Andy finished top 128.

Level 2 Bracket 

Level 2 Final Standings

Andy McMaster, Darin Young, Holly Frary, and Jeremiah played Level 1 Singles. Holly and Andy both finished top 64. Jeremiah finished top 12 while Darin finished 2nd to Sousa (Spain). 

Level 1 Bracket

Level 1 Final Standings


Friday the doubles events take place and you can find all the details with liks to watch live here: https://eng.radikalplayers.com/noticias/2938/madrid-international-start-times-and-brackets.html


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