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September 27 2011

1st Intercontinental Ranking 2011.

Rules USA, Norway and Japan.

Start and end of the qualifiers are determined by the national organizations or distributors.


Average of the best 7 games

8 categories :   

1st cat. MPR higher then 4.00

2nd cat. MPR  3,6 till 3,99

3rd cat. MPR  3,3 till 3,59

4th cat. MPR 3, till 3,29 

5th cat. MPR 2,7 till 2,99

6th cat. MPR 2,4 till 2,69

7th cat. MPR 2,1 till 2,39

8th cat. MPR less then 2,09


Players without Radikal Darts Handicap (MPR) have to play at least 25 games during the qualifier to become their average and qualify for the national and intercontinental finals because they will be played with handicap. Players that improve themselves with 0.6 MPR or more will be transferred automatically to the corresponding category.

The first 4 of each category qualify for the national finals. All finals will be played Cricket (normal), 20 rounds, with handicap best of 3 (winners and losers side).

    Dates of the national finals are determined by the national organizations or distributors.

For the intercontinental finals we maintain the 4 categories per group.

The top 3 (USA, Norway) of the national finals qualifies for the intercontinental final which will be played Saturday 11/19/2011 (categories 1 – 4) and 11/26/2011 (5 – 8) at 10 am USA (eastern time), 3 pm Portuguese time, 4pm Spanish and Norwegian time and 11pm Japanese time. For Japan the top 2 of the national finals will qualify for the intercontinental final.

The 1st match all players will play against a player from another country.

The reason why the different countries qualify a different number of players is that Spain and Portugal have a lot more players registered. The USA, Norway and Japan are “new” Radikal Darts countries.

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