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June 11 2013

International 501 Autumn

¡Next July 5th starts the most international competition ever! Two months full of worldwide darts!


Next month starts the International 501 Autumn (also known as International 501 Individual Championship)! One of the most international On-Line competitions all around the world!

How is it played?
It is a normal Ranking, played with the average of the 8 best games, during 8 weeks of 14 days. 

Who qualifies for the On-Line Finals?
The 1st of every category/group and week qualifies for the On-Line Final. 

What if I am the 2nd qualified player of my group?
This year we have introduced a new feature: players keep their best games for the following week!

  • The 2nd qualified player keeps his/her best 3 games
  • The 3rd qualified player keeps his/her best 2 games
  • The 4th qualified player keeps his/her best game


When does it start?
From 05/07 to 25/10 in 2013.

How can I enroll? 
If you are already registered in Radikal Darts machines, you can play as a normal Ranking. 

What about the On-Line Finals? 
They will be played On-Line, from your regular premises, in double K.O. flowchart.

The game modality will be 501.

Players will be ranked by their PPD score. Level 1 (nivel 1) will be composed of the best 16 players, and they will play 501 Master Out, 50/50, face to face. The rest will play in Level 2, 3 and 4 (nivel 2, 3, 4), and will play 501 Master Out, 50/50, by Handicap.

Which are the prizes? 
You can check the prizes on the poster (you can downlad it at the bottom of the post). 

What are you waiting for, then? Let's play, Radikals!

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  • International 501 Autumn Poster

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