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April 25 2013

New Radikal Darts Free Games! Only at the Non-Stop Radikal Week'13!

Radikal Darts will launch their Free Games completely for free, open and on the spot at its yearly event this May 2013!


It’s only a month until the most expected dart event of the year, the Non-Stop Radikal Week’13! From April 29th through May 5th, there will take place 5 big competitions with the best national and international players!

This 2013 edition we launch the new Radikal Darts Free Games! They are games completely free and open!


The Radikal Darts Free Games will start on Thursday, May 2nd, from 19.00h (Spanish time).

How can I join in?

They are open, for free and on the spot! That mean that have no economic cost, and you don’t need to have a pre-inscription to participate! You just need to come to Hotel Auditórium (****) and be registered on both the machines and the website You will be able to do this registration on the machines and computers you will find in the hotel.

And what about the game modality?

They are divided in 2 levels: The Silver Level (Nivel Plata) and Golden Level (Nivel Oro).

Every 5 minutes, if there are 16 players enrolled, the free games start.  They all start at Silver Level, playing at 501, Direct K.O. A disqualified player can join another Silver Level free game again. The Silver Level winner has two options: enroll a Gold Level free game, or get the prize of 20€. After getting a prize, players cannot join any other Radikal Darts Free Games.

Once there are 16 players enrolled, Gold Level free games start, in Cricket game modality. Disqualified players at the first round of Gold Level can keep playing at Silver Level. The other disqualified players at Gold Level (7 players) can join another free game in Gold or Silver level (up to them). The Gold Level winners will get a prize of 100€. Remember players that get a prize cannot join any other Radikal Darts Free Games.

It’s a great opportunity to train your technique for free, while having fun playing darts. And, why not? With the chance of getting a prize!

See you in Madrid!

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