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February 05 2013

Radikal USA 2013

Radikal and Shelti add additional sales and support staff along with improving and implementing a new sportive package for players and operators in the USA.


2013 and the Future!

Over the past few months the Radikal Darts and Shelti partnership has grown more closely together to provide operators and players a much improved experience in the Radikal Dart System. Machine and API software for the Shelti RD and Radikal Dart machines are continually being improved, additional sales and support staff have been added by both companies, and a new US/International sportive package will now be available in the US. 

New additions and improvements to the Radikal Players and Radikal Darts websites have been made to help make information more readily available to both operators and players. The English page on both sites are now solely dedicated to the USA. The Radikal Players website should be the central hub for US players to find information on current events and everything happening in the Radikal world. The Radikal Darts website will have an operator specific login area where help documents, downloadable software versions and manuals can be found.  

If you haven't already be sure to check out the other features the Radikal Players website offers. Such as the Top 50 section where you can find out how you stack up against other players in the Radikal System! Find your nearest machine using the dart machine locator page. You can even watch league and tournament games in the Live section as they are happening in real time!

The new sportive package will include International events, US only events, monthly online tournaments and more! With the new US/International sportive calendar players will have the option to pay a $12 yearly subscription to participate in any or all of these new events. The $12 fee will also include one player card per year. Players can pay their yearly subscription through the Radikal Players website here. Player registration in the machine/system will always remain free and playing in your operators local leagues will NOT require the yearly subscription. Player cards can still be purchased separately for $6 as well. A summary of the new sportive package can be found here: Sportive Summary.

Immediately the International Spring CRK Championship is available for operators and players who are opting in to the new sportive program. Players will not need to be subscribed to the sportive program to participate in this event. The players yearly subscription service will start with the US Super Ranking #1, which will start Friday Feb 8th.

A new Google calendar section of the Radikal Players website has been added to aide players in keeping track of the current competitions on the US/International calendar. The calendar will be updated throughout the year with events information and specific details as they become available. You will also be able to find a current list of players signed up for particular events that require pre-registration such as the Monthly OL tournaments. 

Radikal Darts and Shelti have also partnered with the PDC North America as an associate sponsor for 2013. We look forward to this new partnership and great opportunity to help advance the sport of darts in North America! Look for a booth and machine setup at all locations on the PDC North America tour this year! At select locations on the tour we will also host soft-tip events utilizing the Radikal System Tournament Software. The system allows for full automation of tournaments and even allows matches to be played face to face, online or any combination of both. Make sure to keep an eye on the Radikal Players website as well as the PDC North America site for further details on these events as we move forward. You won't want to miss out!

Also be sure to like our new Facebook page for Radikal United States!

We look forward to a great 2013 and beyond. 


The Staff at Shelti and Radikal Darts

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