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June 25 2013

Save your best for the Radikal Tuesday!

Your weekly Radikal ONLINE dart meeting!

Have you started the week with plenty of energy? We hope so, as tomorrow you have an online appointment with dart players from all around the world. Every Tuesday, you will be able to play online against worldwide players at the Radikal Tuesday!
Radikal Tuesday is your weekly Radikal Darts’ online dart meeting. That means that every Tuesday, hundreds of players from more than 7 countries will be waiting to play online with you. From your local premises, you will be able to play against dart players from Spain, Japan, Germany, Austria, United States, Portugal… and more! So that, you will be able to train your technique against a wide range of competitors, to give your best at the tournaments, leagues or competitions you are in. 
Don’t be the last to join the Radikal Tuesday!
Remember you can follow the matches in real time at the Radikal Players website, as well as be updated with the latest Radikal news visiting our Facebook and Twitter profile. 

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