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July 20 2012

More website updates!

All the statistics of your competitions, now online!

From now on and only on


From now on, you can get all the information about your statistics online on our Radikal Players' website (!

Going to the Tab "competitions --> my competitions", you will be able to see the statistics of the competitions you are participating.

At the "statistics" menu, you can see all your figures and access to  your   Hat Tricks, Low Tons, White Horses... and much more data!


  • Statistics of competitions

You can arrange information you prefer by clicking into one statistic.


  • Statistics of leagues

Apart from the possibility of checking your own statistics and the ones of your team members, you can also take a look at your opponent qualifications. Moreover, you can choose between individual and general statistics.

There is an example of a team statistics table on the picture below:



  • Statistics of virtual leagues

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