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May 17 2014

Radikal Premium Subscription!!

Now your Radikal Premium Subscription has even more advantages! Exclusive Discounts at participating online retailers.


Get more advantages with your Premium Subscription!!

  • Exclusive 10% Discount at Darts Corner UK!
  • Free Radikal Darts flights with every order
  • USA Retailer options coming soon!



How to to get your new benefits with Darts Corner

1 - Become a Premium User by purchasing your yearly subscription

Visit the Radikal Shop at Radikal Players  ( http://eng.radikalplayers.com/shop )

Purchace your yearly subscription for your Radikal ID 


2 - Click on the banner image for Darts Corner

Whenever your logged into your Radikal Players account as a Premium user you will see these banner images just click to visit the Darts Corner Website. www.dartscorner.co.uk

Note: The Radikal Shop on the English site can be accessed by clicking the Shop link in the menu at the top of the page.



3 - Create your account at Darts Corner and add your Radikal ID to your profile

Enter your personal information. Enter your Radikal Darts ID in the acssociated field. Click continue to finish creating your account. 

If you already have a Darts Corner account just login and edit your information, enter your Radikal ID in the associated field.



4 - Enjoy your discount!

You will automatically receive the 10% discount and free flights with every order!



And remember you can also enjoy all the other benefits by being a Radikal Premium User:

- Personalized Player Card

- My Statistics:Advanced personal statistics 

- My Alerts Section: Alerts for your competitions

- My Videos: Watch video of youbest game in a competiton


Not a Premium User yet?!

Just click to visit the Radikal Shop!!


  • Premium Discounts

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